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Green Tech Week

How to position yourself as a thought leader for digital sustainability

At a glance

Client: CARIAD

Industry: Automotive, IT

Business: B2B



CARIAD bundles the Volkswagen Group's software expertise to develop the leading technology platform in the automotive industry. Founded in 2020, CARIAD now employs over 6,000 experts worldwide who work on a scalable technology stack for all Volkswagen Group brands. 


Our Journey 



In the era of digital sustainability, the mobility sector has emerged as a pivotal arena for innovation. However, the path to change requires more than technological advances and innovative thinking. To truly harness the full potential of any paradigm shift, effective change management is imperative. In this project, we are not highlighting a technical solution, but rather the goal of a digital software player to be a pioneer in green tech!  

With the inception of a Green Tech Week for CARIAD, the emphasis on "employees" was evident from the outset. How can we actively engage and empower them in the pursuit of digital sustainability? How do we cultivate a culture of proactive engagement and forward-thinking internally to unlock the promising possibilities of sustainability within the mobility sector? 



The imperative for innovation and transformation within the mobility industry is growing, fueled by escalating sustainability demands among other factors. Effective change management stands as a linchpin in facilitating a triumphant evolution. Companies must not solely focus on technological innovation; they must also prioritize equipping their teams for adaptation. Actively involving employees not only fosters acceptance but also catalyzes proactive measures, thereby expediting advancement. 


Solutions & highlights

Throughout the span of a week, we leveraged CARIAD to infuse innovative strategies for sustainable mobility within the company through a diverse array of formats. This initiative empowered employees to take an active role in propelling forward the sustainable transformation. Our support encompassed workshops, analyses, campaign design, event coordination featuring inject sessions and thought-provoking speakers, alongside a myriad of group-wide activities. 

Consequently, the company's approach to sustainable transformation was effectively communicated to employees in a comprehensible manner, bolstering initiatives across the board. Notably, the fruition of our efforts materialized in the form of a Green Coding Guide, furnishing employees with valuable insights and resources to champion digital sustainability. 


Participants in
Inject Session


more likes on intranet articles*


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Green Coding Guide

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We enlighten
We position ourselves
We plan
We bring the concept to life
We enlighten
We position ourselves
We plan
We bring the concept to life
We enlighten 
  • How can we consider mobility alongside digital sustainability in the same context? 
  • What mechanisms do digital products and technologies create to promote energy-efficient software? 
  • What does this mean for me on an individual level? On a company level? 
  • What can we achieve and within what framework? 
  • What is our most important target group and how can we best reach them? 

What’s next?

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Veronika Abraham
digital sustainability expert

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