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Industry: Motorized equipment for forestry, gardening, landscaping and construction

Business: B2B/B2C




  • 5,5 billion € revenue (2022)
  • 20.552 employees
  • 42 sales and marketing units
  • 160 country representations
  • Organizer of STIHL Timbersports

diconium has successfully transformed STIHL, the global market leader, into an enhanced online experience for both B2B and B2C customers, spanning from the formulation of a global e-commerce strategy to the creation of new digital sales platforms. The outcome is a revamped external image that is supported by a fortified IT infrastructure and a scalable store system, underscoring the significant advancements made behind the scenes. 


Our story



Founded over 90 years ago, the Swabian company STIHL has evolved from a one-man business into a globally recognized chainsaw and power tool manufacturer. Since 1971, STIHL has consistently held the title of the world's best-selling chainsaw brand. With a product range designed to meet the diverse needs of both professional and private users, the company initially emphasized sales through specialized dealers. However, recognizing the shift in consumer behavior towards online platforms, there was a need to seamlessly transfer the established professionalism to the digital realm. 


The Challenge

Prior to this transformation, STIHL's sales structure was reflected in its exclusive corporate presence on the internet. Transitioning to direct-to-consumer online sales necessitated the implementation of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, entailing the integration of brick-and-mortar retail with the online store. This evolution required a reinforced IT infrastructure and the development of an entirely new online presence that carefully considered existing sales frameworks and adhered to legal prerequisites for chainsaw sales, including the necessity for specialized introductions.  


Our Solution
The foundation of every success lies in effective teamwork. This principle guided the close and collaborative partnership between STIHL and diconium from the project's inception. The collaboration took place not only in a shared working space at the diconium office in Stuttgart but also involved remote collaboration with the diconium AEM experts based in Lisbon. This flexible workflow proved instrumental in seamlessly transitioning to a purely virtual collaboration model after the initial coronavirus lockdown. 
Strategy & Consulting
diconium crafted a comprehensive global e-commerce strategy for STIHL, with a pivotal focus on establishing omnichannel sales to ensure a seamless customer journey. Recognizing that the true value of a strategy lies in its effective implementation, diconium remained steadfast in its support of STIHL throughout the ongoing operationalization process. This support extended to advising on the selection of products and features for online availability and ensuring proper content management. Additionally, diconium played a key role in knowledge transfer to STIHL, providing guidance in setting up an appropriate development and production environment for sustained success. 

B2C and B2B Commerce Content Plattform  

From a corporate website to a dynamic B2C touchpoint featuring an online store, STIHL underwent a transformative online reinvention with the extensive relaunch of This significant journey spanned approximately 15 months, commencing with the initial workshop and culminating in the spring 2020 launch. Impressively, diconium not only successfully orchestrated the comprehensive relaunch but also managed to launch the online store a few weeks ahead of the scheduled timeline, showcasing efficiency and timely delivery in the project's execution. 

While advancing the B2C store, diconium undertook the implementation of the B2B store, encompassing the development of UX design. The specialist retailer store successfully went live in Germany in August 2021. The commerce and content platform's evolution is an ongoing initiative, with plans for activation in 40 countries by the end of 2023. 

In addition to go-lives and rollouts, diconium assumed service management responsibilities for the B2X platform. Collaborating with third-party service providers, diconium ensures the seamless operation of the platform, contributing to its sustained success. 



The collaboration with diconium has empowered STIHL to not only bring its products online but also open up the entire STIHL world to customers in the digital realm. Leveraging B2B and B2C eCommerce sales channels, coupled with forward-looking technology, the company has strategically positioned itself on the internet. Beyond the self-assured external presence, behind the scenes, STIHL has fortified its IT infrastructure and implemented a flexible store system, capable of expansion, including integration with Internet of Things (IoT) products. This holistic approach ensures a robust foundation for continued growth and innovation. 

Expertises used

Innovation & Strategy
Change management
IT Architecture
Customer Experience
Digital Transformation
UX- /UI-Design
Innovation & Strategy
Change management
IT Architecture
Customer Experience
Digital Transformation
UX- /UI-Design
Innovation & strategy

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