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Social and environmental issues are no longer new occurrences and are more firmly established in the business world through public discourse. Since the adoption of the EU Green Deal, this trend has been strengthened by legislation. 

With the introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), companies are now obligated to fulfill their mandatory sustainability reporting requirements. Transparency is crucial in gaining insight into processes and practices, defining sustainability objectives, and visualizing tangible outcomes of sustainable actions. Capturing data for sustainability reporting and measuring activities is vital and presents fresh opportunities for businesses.

Introducing automated processes can enhance data quality. 

High-quality data is becoming increasingly important to ensure a detailed assessment of the present situation and to identify potential areas for optimization. 

As a sustainability data service provider, Diconium offers comprehensive solutions, such as implementing end-to-end automated tracking, conducting analysis and optimization, and results-based business model development.  Our project steps are clear and can be built upon prior materiality analysis. Our solution approaches include the following: 


Define data use cases, identify data sources and sensibly develop existing data and architecture models, including data governance concepts


Define KPIs and programmatically connect systems


Automate the sustainability report and visualize data


Benchmark and measure target achievement, including identifying areas for optimisation


Utilize statistical methods, including predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, to anticipate future scenarios and outcomes, thus enabling more prompt action-taking


Advance the business model through the comprehension garnered from the analyses

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Sustainability is no longer an option – it is decisive for business success in the long term. Governments, consumers, and employees expect companies to make a positive contribution to society and the environment We are no longer talking about corporate responsibility as a "nice-to-have", but more and more about a political entity that prescribes sustainable action. 

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